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Valentine's Math

For that romantic time of year! Here are some great resources for high school Valentine themed math lessons...
  • Mystery Graph (PDF)
    Plotting a set of co-ordinates to reveal a heart-shaped graph.
    Suitable for students in Year 9 or 10
    Need graph paper? Here are 2 types for you print - Printable Graph Paper 1 and Printable Graph Paper 2 (PDFs)
  • Valentine's Math Puzzles (PDF)
    Two word problems with multiple ways of obtaining the solutions. Ideally these should be solved algebriacally, but you can let your students work out their own way.
    Suitable for students in Years 9 to 11
  • Valentine's Tessellations (PDF)
    A project to design a Valentine-themed tessellation with instructions on how to use the tracing method to create a tessellation.
    Suitable for students at all levels
  • Other Ideas
    These are links to external websites.
    • Valentine's Origami
      There are a number of great ways to fold a heart. We like these origami hearts.
    • Heart Graphs
      If your students have a graphic's calculator you can get them to plot the following ...
      (x2 + y2 - 1)3 - x2y3 = 0 - the algebriac expression for a heart-shaped graph.
      This useful page has a number of other options for heart-shaped graphs.
    • Fibonacci Flowers
      Not interested in hearts? Why not investigate the Fibonacci sequence in flowers - lilies, roses and sunflowers are wonderful places to start.