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Make a 6-pointed star mandala

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Page updated : 15 April 2018

You will need...

  • a math compass
  • a ruler
  • a pencil
  • coloured pencils, paints or markers

1. Draw a circle with your compass. Keep your compass set to the same width for step 2.


step 1


2. Using the exact same setting for your compass as for step 1, place your compass point on the edge of the circle. Mark lightly with your pencil on the edge of the circle.

Move your compass point to this new mark and mark the next circle edge.

Continue all around the circle. You should have 6 marks that fit perfectly.


step 2


3. Use your ruler to join marks on the opposite sides of the circle.


step 3


4. Now connect every other mark to make 2 triangles.


step 4


5. Congratulations! You have a 6-pointed star mandala. Now you can keep all the lines and colour in your pattern. Or have fun erasing some lines of your choice before colouring. Here are a couple of ideas.


6-pointed star mandala



Have fun!