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RockyBring mathematics to life with fun educational software.

The Funmaths Game Station is high school math computer games covering many major mathematical concepts. Arcade-style animation jump-starts the major high school math concepts. Designed for teenagers, its fast, fun action all the way.

  • Motivate students
  • Improve grades
  • Interactive, exciting, effective
  • Teacher designed, tested and approved!

What people are saying:

  • "Excellent - much better than anything seen in the past. Graphics, colour and sound very good. Students keen to play the games even while admitting they were doing a lot of maths ... I liked the fact that students were doing a lot of maths ..." Head of Mathematics, Mount Aspiring College, New Zealand
  • "The kids love it. They can't wait to get to the computer when their work is done. I am happy to see them so excited about it." Paula Roy, Kearns-St. Ann School, Salt Lake City, USA
  • "I just received your CD very promptly, and spent a few hours yesterday evening playing/learning with your math games with my 18 yr old, 12yr old, 6yr old watching and 2yr old saying "shoot". The games were delightful and challenging at many different levels - we thoroughly enjoyed it. I will certainly recommend it to our other homeschooling friends." GH - Wichita, Kansas, USA
  • Softseek File of the Day on 26 Oct 2000.

Funmaths GameStationHelp students progress effortlessly through advanced math topics...

algebra | geometry | trigonometry | graphs | measurement | differentiation and integration | transformation geometry | fractions and percentages| compass bearings | general numeracy


What's in the games?

  • Thousands of random questions
  • Muliple levels of difficulty
  • Comprehensive tutorials
  • Online notes, worked examples, exercises and solutions

Please note : Software purchase is not currently available.