Funmaths for high school

About this site

Back in 2000 when the Internet was quite new, a high school math teacher and a software developer put their heads together and developed a set of math games covering high school math topics. We wanted to make math fun, but keep the learning. And we didn't want to just cover easy topics like how to add and subtract. We wanted to show you could teach even algebra, trigonometry and calculus in a fun and exciting way. So Rocky The Robot was born and the Funmaths GameStation went online!

We realised that although there were plenty of activities and games for primary school math, almost no one had developed anything for high school students. We all know how teenagers love to play computer games. This is true even today - there are so few resources online for high school math.


The Funmaths GameStation proved very popular - both in schools and with parents. It received numerous awards and 5 stars online and we got so much wonderful feedback from all over the world.


To supplement the games we developed a number of high school math tutorials and worksheets. The worksheet database (orginally called The Swap-Shop) on grew and grew with teachers from all over the world sending us their resources. Pretty soon this part of the website became just as popular as the games.


And now reflecting the popularity of the worksheets, tutorials, games and other fun stuff we've redesigned the website to make it easier to navigate to all the resources stored on this site.


We still believe math can be fun! Browse around the site and we hope you'll find that it's true.


The Team