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Drawing Straight Line Graphs Tutorial

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How to draw a straight line graph from an equation.

Straight Line Graph Equations

The general equation for a straight line is:  y = mx + c

  • x and y have a power of 1
  • m is the gradient (steepness) of the line and is a number
  • c is the y-intercept of the line and is a number.


These are all straight line graphs:

  • y = 2x + 1
  • y = x
  • y = 7
  • x = -2
  • 3y + x = 1

Drawing lines using the tabular method

The graph is drawn by setting up a table of values for x and calculating the corresponding y value using the equation given.  The points are then plotted and joined by a straight line.


Straight line graphs


Straigh line graph


Graphing problems for you to try

1)  y = 3x + 2
2)  x + y = 5
3)  y = 4 – x

Graph paper